Youda Farmer 2

In the game "Youda Farmer 2" you are a farmer supplying the village with the products we produce. but you must be quick, because industry bosses, seize the village with their parking lots! In the game "Youda Farmer 2" must invest all won quickly to develop business and to protect the village and farm "Youda Farmer 2" from the industrial invasion! Youda Farmer 2 is a game where you have to be resourceful and fast, understand what are the necessary goods for the village and invest in their production. So the village playing "Youda Farmer 2" will be expanded and will protect it from large industrial bosses.

Governance in the game "Youda Farmer 2" with the mouse. nasloka wishes you in your endeavor and fermeskoto game "Youda Farmer 2".

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