The Brothers Grimm: legacy

Play "The Brothers Grimm: legacy" is one of the wonders of flash, very good graphics, story and plot! In "The Brothers Grimm: legacy" You are invited to baptisms son of your sister. When you arrive, find a huge deserted mansion with many mysteries. In the estate of "The Brothers Grimm: legacy" your sister is married to the love of their lives and their recently born child of whose wonderful baptisms arrive. Yet not all is well, no sister, the sounds of wolves and wild beasts, and the empty mansion, "The Brothers Grimm: legacy" will provide an opportunity to use their hidden talents to find his lost family.

Play "The Brothers Grimm: legacy" will grab you with its many mysteries to reveal. Be creative and resourceful in order to unlock a mystery play "The Brothers Grimm: The will!"

Management is the mouse. wishes you a pleasant stay in the mansion of the game "The Brothers Grimm: The will!"

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