Super Mario

Super Mario Bros. is the 1985 video game created for Japanese and newly console Nintendo Entertament System. This is one of the first games produced for the console. Game shows fresh and innovative style of game design and other factors that make it unique.
Creator of "Super Mario" is Shigero Miyamoto, one of the main developers of Nintendo. The game is sold with great success in the U.S. and Japan. History of the game almost none, although it is original.
Following the release of the first and second appeared in 1988, but it comes in two versions, American and Japanese among them a huge difference and one never released in the United States. In 1990 released Super Mario Bros. 3, which is one of the first games with physics engine and which even today is one of the most popular games for virtual consoles. Go further to 100 extensions, such as Super Mario World for Super Nintendo. The history of game development, graphics and sound and everything.


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