007 Charlse 2

007 Charles 2 is a continuation of the cult game in which the main opponent of terrorists British Prince Charles . Players who have already played the first part and with it successfully freed the central bank now face another challenge. Prince decided to invite U.S. President Obama's visit to his country. Everything goes according to plan , but then the delegation was attacked by terrorists. Prince Charles has already prepared for such surprises and immediately react calmly pulls a hidden vehicle weapons . Now pending a bloody battle in which you must survive two world leaders. British Prince will again manifest as a zealous fighter against terrorism that was raging in the world.
Help the Prince to save himself and Obama by kidnappers who came solely to liquidate them . Now the shootout will be fought not in the indoor space , as is the case with the bank and through the city streets. Therefore witness the epic battle will be many passers whose life is also exposed to serious risks. Prince Charles , however, is no coincidence that his nickname 007 because just like James Bond is able to deal with their dangerous enemies . In the name of England he is ready , even at the risk of their lives to defend their honor and royal origin. 007 Charles 2 is even more full of dynamics and tension game in which again dominated coolest shootouts and dodging between good and evil. Feel again the incredible atmosphere of the battle in which they pledged the honor and power of England. Thanks to Prince Obama must survive with it and go safely rounds of the palace.

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