Hobo 7

7 In the trunk you again find yourself in the character's usual environment - he's alone with his other enemies. Now, however, you are on the street or in jail, and your opponents are bullies , people and the police , and far more powerful and dangerous enemies . Be back as a great fighter and because of special abilities defeat all competitors. Besides the typical punches and kicks have more abilities. Get in the action , because only in this way will be the winner in the battle. Do not let the enemies you hit too often, because you have a certain amount zhivot.Vmesto that demonstrate impressive skills and fast reactions that will help you knock them out before they do it to you.
7 trunk again offers gamers a huge amount of adventure , laughter and fun. If you've played previous versions of the series , you should know well the nature of the character. Huliganat trunk reappeared on stage and true to its style, began importing turmoil and unrest . This is his usual environment and he gladly lives in it. Get ready for another exciting and action-packed battle that trunk , although alone against everyone else, do not hesitate to get in contact with the enemy . Likely gamers will experience many difficulties and will be tested , but the only way they will be able to help the trunk . Now he is in heaven , and his opponents are powerful and strong, but it hardly mattered to him . Experience once again the incredible atmosphere of the battlefield, where the protagonists are the trunk and his enemies , who are also eager to start the battle .

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