Golden fever

Gold Rush is another adventure game that is available to all gamers. Here you expect a lot of fun and emotions worn by games of this genre. Rules of the game are simple and easy to understand - you have to press this button on the keyboard that shows you the instructions. By doing so, you will help the squirrel to get to the desired location and make successful their catch . Note that even at first glance the task seems quite easy and simple , you should be very careful. For example, it is desirable to reach as quickly catch instead do it in a roundabout way. Besides being so wasting time is also reduced and your point asset. Therefore, consider well the direction that will take.
Any delay is only against you , so do not waste time in unnecessary tardiness . Help the squirrel to catch all the jewels , and for this purpose it past the right path. At the end of the game both it and yourself will be satisfied with a job well done . In adventure games risk of failure is inevitable. However in most cases stimulates gamers who are willing to put all the strength and energy to overcome the dangerous adventure. All those who are consumed by Gold Rush can not hesitate to play the game. It will provide endless pleasure and fun, ensuring that their free time will pass pleasantly , though quickly and seamlessly . Catch all the gems that appear before you and thus deserved a hard improvement record. In all likelihood this is trying to make all gamers , but this requires long and continuous practice .

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