Super plane

Super airplane is a game in which you control a really powerful and fast aircraft. But he has such a characteristic coincidence - his mission is not just to make passenger flights. Instead, it is intended for space battles with enemies who repeatedly numerically superior attitude. Therefore, rapid and accurate shooting is all you need to demonstrate otherwise you may quickly find yourself in the role of losers. However, if you shoot as accurately as possible and hit the enemies always right on target , it is certainly good results will follow. Moreover - in a very short period of time will clean the space from unwanted elements whose sole purpose is to create confusion and disorder . So your plane is the most outspoken enemy of evil and dangerous opponents .
Drive and shoot your Super airplane because thanks to it you have a clear advantage over your opponents . It consists in the fact that you have available huge and inexhaustible resources of ammunition to which to flee at any time of the combat mission. So rest assured - even if the enemy is far superior to you in numbers , it can hardly be said for his weapon . You just have to point the correct plane in the direction from which fly the enemy objects. Then press the trigger and fire the burst of bullets to destroy them . Meanwhile, you should avoid and the shots that will make the enemy to you. So unless rapid and accurate shooting have to put into action and rapid response , which also are also a crucial factor in this kind of combat. Namely speed is often the basis for success , especially when enemies are much more than you and coming from all sides.

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