Shooting robot

Shoot robot is another challenge for all gamers who love skirmishes and battles . This time you control a robot that has to pass through many dangers , and finally achieve the much desired and needed success. Early in the game you will have to manifest impressive gaming capabilities. The first test is to test which include dangerous high jumps, in which there is always a risk of falling , and the elimination of firing at you enemy objects. Though entry-level , then in any case should not be underestimated. Even a momentary distraction can cost you significant losses , which will certainly reduce by Salami . Therefore concentrate maximum and get ready for a tough and exciting battle.
For robot shooter but nothing is impossible and he willingly embarked on this adventure . Help him to defeat in the fight against far superior to it in numerical terms opponents who , like him, have one goal - the ultimate victory. With the passage of subsequent levels will increase the difficulties to be overcome, so there will have to be more focused and attentive. Do not hesitate to waste your ammunition , as have more than enough. If necessary, pull the trigger of the gun and do not let him . By contrast, however beware of the bullets of the enemy, who porazyavat deadly. This, together with dangerous and risky jumps, makes the game more interesting , fun and attractive . All gamers who are fond of shooting and action will get exactly what they need. There is nothing better for each gamer than to raztsakva tough games in which to develop and usavrshenstva their abilities.

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