Lifeguard is another interesting and fun game , as the Web has thousands . You are in the role of savior to people after swimming in the sea. As soon as you notice that someone is drowning and needs help him come to as quickly as possible . Be really fast because of your quick and timely response as to whether people will survive. Many of those who enter the sea , they can not really swim and this opens a lot of rescue work . Manifest as a true professional who perfectly realizes the enormous responsibility that brings to life . No matter how far away is drowning , render timely assistance . The beach is almost always this kind of incidents occur , so rescuers should always be alert.
If you 're a fan of action and rescues , this game is exactly what you need. Prove his undoubted skills and do not let a time during you have victims. Thus will surely gain many points to your assets , which would result in the placement of difficult to improve record. In fact, this is the goal of most gamers , but the record is placed only after long practice. That is why you should not stop gaming to hone your skills if you want to get good and satisfactory results. Savior on the beach ready to rescue drowning , so soon join him. Feel the tense atmosphere in which to develop this profession. Walking on the beach is notable chiefly for entertainment , but not the way it is with rescuers . They must not pass up from the sea, because at any time one of the swimmers may need timely help.

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