Hidden numbers

Hidden Numbers is another adventure that involves a loveable Tarzan. The man has no more natural environment of dense and impenetrable jungle , this time playing in a different light . Along with several other animals he hangs on a liana , but it is unusual . Moreover, on it, and also at different places , there are hidden numbers. Find them with the magnifying glass for the shortest possible period of time and thus earn more points and try to set a record . Over levels finding the numbers will become harder , so in these cases you will need to show more concentration and diligence. Often, the numbers will be directly in front of your eyes , so be sure to explore the magnifying glass every nook and corner .
Tarzan always involved in a very interesting , fun and undeniably dangerous adventures . He constantly fought with wild beasts involved in melee battles against dangerous enemies , decided to take over the Jungle , which is solely within its territory. But sometimes - as in this game , it is displayed in a different form. Logical thinking and inspect have everything you need. Only through the manifestation of these qualities not only will you earn a lot of points , but it will also reinforce the belief that finding the hidden numbers does not pose any difficulty. Embark with Tarzan in this exciting adventure that will diversify your leisure time and will fill you with positive emotions and good mood. It could not be otherwise , when you have adventures alongside Tarzan. It is used to know the jungle with his eyes closed , and now he is about to discover the hidden numbers everywhere . Endless fun with the adventure that this game provides gamers all around the world.

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