Mushroom rush

Cutting mushrooms is very interesting and fun game suitable for people of different ages. Both boys and girls as well as older people can play it in your free time. It should exhibit a significantly faster reflexes and cut the mushrooms while they are airborne . For this purpose, you are always ready and as soon as the fungus appears , point the knife at her. Failure on your part that reduces Salami and are also entitled to a number of errors. So make sure you present yourself well as long time that besides gaining many points will also prove conclusively that your reflexes are actually very quick and timely.
This game is suitable for leisure, because its rules are not at all complicated and at the same time entertaining . Surely you will not notice how time flies when you sit in the chair in front of the computer. Mushrooms will always come from different directions , so the knife should be ready . Bring it in action and cut absolutely all the mushrooms you probably have managed to make some gamers. Quick reflexes are not typical for everyone, but in this game they are the main driving force. Therefore, even if there are none, it's time for things to change . Hone fully their reactions and be very fast , it will happen only after intense and prolonged exercise. Mushrooms and your sword waiting for you , so do not waste another second precious time. Click Start , and focus . You will probably not more than two seconds before another mushroom to appear on the screen , then you're on the move - have to cut quickly.

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