Knight fight

Knight game is a game in which the main characters have to prove their prowess in direct fight with each other. As most of you know perfectly well in the past for their honor , dignity and even a woman have organized duels many men . Knights did not make an exception in this respect , but on the contrary - for them is a matter of honor to prove their skills in combat with his opponent. This game will take you back far behind - in the Middle Ages , where there were no such powerful weapons such as rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers . By contrast , however, the Knights relied on their armor and swords and repeatedly defended the castles and the civilian population in the world, often sacrificing their own lives .
In this match Knight's all you need to do is to defeat your opponent as quickly as possible . For this purpose, a blow with his sword suddenly and unexpectedly , taking advantage of surprise the enemy. Every second is extremely valuable , so do not waste your time in vain . Remember that there is no better protection from attack , because it is through these tactics have the best chances of success. All knights , regardless of their origin , have courage , honor and dignity. When these qualities are questioned , they are ready with the cost of everything, including their lives, to protect them . The battle between knights will monitor and ordinary people , so this should stimulate you for even better performance. Defeat your opponent in question and prove to yourself and others that you are a knight in the literal sense . Wearing iron armor and using their swords, knights are probably one of the bravest men in the history of mankind , as in the past there have been thousands .

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