Ninja trip

March of the ninja is another game in which ancient warriors demonstrate what is best . Mastery of fighting techniques , handling swords or throwing shuriken is all that they have devoted their lives. Now you are in the role of a lone ninja , determined at all costs to give a well-earned lesson of their many enemies. As soon as I made ​​the first move against you will gets at least two opponents . That is why we do not just respond quickly but to manifest both offensive and defensive qualities. If necessary , attack all at once, and thus will surely bring confusion in their ranks . One thing is absolutely certain - Ninja never give up regardless of the numerical superiority of the enemy.
Participate in the march of the ninja and feel the atmosphere that surrounds this ancient and long proved their worth war. Discipline , high morale and readiness for sacrifice in the name of holy cause are the things that distinguish ninjas . Manifest as one of those wars and boldly venturing into battle with the enemy, although there is a chance to lose . Most important for ninjas to protect himself and his family honor, which they often give their lives. Return from the march as a winner and a hero who will deservedly in the eyes of his teacher and master. Attack with your sword , and even , if necessary , sprint to win some time ahead . Sometimes you will be attacked simultaneously in front and back , so then you have to be really fast . For the shortest possible time to deal with an opponent , then when you run a draw, things will not be so difficult .

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