In Defense you have to appear as a very good and at the same time fearless defender of the castle. He was incessantly attacked by enemies who have one goal - its utter destruction . Do not let the enemies to attack long and gradually cause irreparable damage to the castle. Instead, keep them away and do not be afraid to enter the battle that is likely to be uneven in numerical terms . Remember that the most important thing is to get the necessary castle defense level that will keep it all in one piece . Act as a faithful guardian and protector , who is well aware of the importance of his mission. Show off your best defensive qualities that will help you win the contest with the enemy, and put it on his knees.
Defense is another adventure that will load all enthusiastic gamers by nature adventurers and thrill seekers . Gamers game provides a lot of everything - adventure , dynamics, great battle and a lot of positive emotions and experiences . This is exactly the goal of all online games - to help the gamers to disband quality and maximum leisure and reload them with optimism and good humor . Be sure that the Defence is not an exception to the general rule , and when you start to raztsakvate , you will immediately be preoccupied with the battle. Concentrate well and give their enemies battle , they not only will always remember , but you will leave with a defeated and broken lines . Bravely defend the castle and so prove that you're not accidentally chosen as his defender , as in this way it is in good and safe hands . The battle that is ahead is difficult and very exciting .

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