Fighter patrol 42

As a fighter you control 42 military plane , which should eliminate all stood in his way of enemy objects. This is undoubtedly a difficult task , but because you have to aim precisely, it is also necessary to avoid the shots of the enemy and maneuver deftly between bullets and bombs . The game will take you on the battlefield air field where the instinct of self-preservation , combined with the constant danger are the main factors for the final victory in the battle. Fighter pilots are very brave and fearless , because practically every second are exposed to grave danger. Manage your professional fighters and 42 appearances as another brave pilot who is not afraid to get into that hot , bloody and full of dangers battle.
Airplane games are traditionally filled with dynamism and tension. This is due to the trainees continuously in space planes , and when the games are of a military nature , as is the tension and danger increased tremendously . Therefore as soon as you find yourself in the air in the center of the battle , you will be constantly attacked by their enemies , who have the same aim as you - to destroy you completely. Demonstrate impressive skills in the management of 42 jets and through deft maneuvers to get out of enemy fire , making sure to download the most over enemy objects which will surely help you a lot to win this battle. Flight Games is a genre that is popular worldwide. The games it contains are suitable for people of all ages and absolutely a relieving and relaxing . This is why many people around the world prefer the end of the day to play games on the computer and feel the emotions and energy.

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