Express 4

Express in Mission 4 is the next part of the cult game in which you control a train. If you have previously played the previous missions , so she knows exactly what you expect - lots of fun , positive emotions and a good time at the computer . Carefully read the game instructions , which are easy to remember . But you do not just run the train and track it does not derailed . Moreover, it is necessary to know well the traffic signs and reduce speed where traffic rules require it. It is important also to look out for the load you're carrying . That's the essence of the mission - he arrived successfully and safely to the place for which it is intended. Perform successful fourth consecutive mission in the game.
Fans of previous episodes that have passed them successfully , and this time should demonstrate impressive skills and try as drivers. Many sections of the tracks will be straight and level and movement is unlikely to be a serious problem. In some places , however, there will be a steep ascents and where there is too great a burden likely to fall , if not carefully managed . Do not allow this to happen , because this will surely lose points from your asset. Driving a train probably seem easy at first glance, but in reality things are different. It is all the time to be alert , especially when transporting cargo. Express in Mission 4 is another challenge for all players who think they are good drivers. It is enough to have played the previous episodes to make sure that this will not disappoint you and will deliver the required dose pleasure and entertainment.

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