Equal fish

Same fish is a great logic game in which you have to manifest both rapid responses and observation . Only in this way will be able to hold two identical fish to form a pair. Concentrate well before the start of the game and give everything to the best possible and optimal performance. In the sea there are always plenty of fish and that the game was not an exception. Rather, it is full of different kinds of fish that are most safely and confidently swim near and far distances. In order to mate successfully , you just have to catch two alike. Often you will have to fight for their catch because the fish are hardly going to fall into your hands. So we have to be careful with the necessary flexibility .
Catch as many fish the same and finish the game with the maximum point asset. This will surely help you to arrange the name among gamers , on the other record holders , which are many. If, however, does not present the required level , do not expect to accrue points and finished successfully . The game probably seems very simple at first glance, but the minor underestimation can you play a bad joke. Approach as a true professional gamer and put all the strength and energy needed for the win. For a short time you can catch as many of the same fish that the sea be izprazneno.Igrata is suitable for children and youth , as well as for older adults . Everybody's looking for fun when playing online games , and this is a really good deal. Absorbed in hunting fish will not even feel how quickly and seamlessly will take several hours. Indulge in an exciting experience unlike predstyavlyava catching the same fish.

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