Highway rush

Escape the highway is game for all fans of action. It combines not only fast and dangerous driving , but also target shooting . Therefore, it is more than likely that you expect an endless and unforgettable experience that will stand on edge once more begin. As soon as you give gas , you will encounter other cars on the highway, which at all costs must be anticipated . For this purpose not only give full throttle , but deftly maneuvering and maneuvering in the spaces between them. Meanwhile, do not forget to hit all the right targets , because it gives you more points in the final asset. The combination of fast driving and shooting makes the game unique and very cool .
The highway is always dangerous and fraught with many risks. It is a place only for the best and most experienced drivers , as indeed there are many among gamers . Therefore, do not hesitate to try out their skills behind the wheel and prove conclusively that are both excellent driver and gunner . The fact that you have to do two things very quickly and almost simultaneously , will help you keep your full concentration . It is one of the factors that will ultimately lead you to success convincing . Enjoy this unique and unforgettable highway escape what will hardly experience again. If necessary, ram those cars that are currently in front of you and you clear the way . Is just winning, but it should not be achieved at all costs - even with the use of illegal means . Gamers who consider themselves excellent drivers and shooters can accept this challenge and to check the level of their abilities.

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