Prisoner escape

In Prison Break , you are a prisoner who wants to escape to freedom . Your intentions , however, can easily be thwarted , so you have to be very careful while walking toward the exit. Collect bonuses and jump in the places where it is needed. Remember that you are a prisoner , and as such you will invariably be prosecuted and will have many trials to be stopped. So show some exceptional qualities as ingenuity and wits to get out of jail and out of freedom. Will inevitably feel the spirit of adventure of the game , but this will stimulate further for better performance. In any case it is not easy to escape from jail, but if you succeed , you will surely set a record , and most of all - will prove that you are a good gamer.
Each adventure is fraught with many risks of different nature . One of them is related to the probability of failure in their endeavor , so carefully consider your way of escape. Prisoner who spent a long time there , probably know well its mazes and escape routes . As soon as your first step , however , will face serious difficulties to overcome . This is inevitable because there is hardly easy escape from prison. By taking the offensive , you bet it all and now it's only in your hands. Prove you are faster, cunning and resourceful than their pursuers and escaped from prison . This will surely bring you lots of points and will help set the record . Probably many gamers around the world have failed in the mission Prison Break , so it is time to otsrami and end the game in the most successful way for you.

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